2014 shows

Thursday 30th January at Betty Nicols, KIRKCALDY
Comedians: VLADIMIR McTAVISH, VIV GEE, Dan Petherbridge, Gareth Mutch and Liam Cumbers

Saturday 1st February. CURRY and COMEDY at Potter About, BURNTISLAND.
Comedians: VLADIMIR McTAVISH, CHRIS CONROY and Steven Davidson

Thursday 27th February at Betty Nicols, KIRKCALDY
Comedians: MARK NELSON, ROB KANE, Craig Johnstone, Paul McDaniel and Martin Greechan

Friday 28th February at The Star pub, BURNTISLAND
Comedians: CHRIS HENRYSCOTT AGNEW, Rod Hunter, Scott Hunter and Matty Finlayson

Wednesday 19th March at Vespbar, Drury Street, Glasgow
One-man show, as part of The Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Sunday 23rd March at Vespbar, Drury Street, Glasgow
Fife showcase show, as part of The Glasgow International Comedy Festival FOUR FIFERS FOR A FIVER
Richard Pulsford introduced: Rab Gilmour, Stuart Hunter, Ross Leslie and Diane Stewart

Thursday 27th March at Betty Nicols, KIRKCALDY
Comedians: VIV GEE, Bob Graham (MC), Richard Pulsford, Jay Miles and Chris Griffin

Friday 28th March at The Star pub, BURNTISLAND
Comedians: MARK NELSON, JAY LAFFERTY (MC), Frazer Letham, John Lebbon and Paul Glasswell

Thursday 24th April at Betty Nicols, KIRKCALDY
Comedians: MICHAEL REDMOND, JOJO SUTHERLAND (MC), Gary Meikle, Ryan Dooley, Rab Gilmour

Friday 25th April at The Star pub, BURNTISLAND
Comedians: BRUCE MORTON, Peter Wood (MC), Marc Jennings, Tony Sloan, Daisy Earl and Dave McLernon

Saturday 10th May at the Parish Church Hall, BURNTISLAND.
Fundraiser for the over 70’s’ Christmas treat.
Comedians: PATRICK ROLINK, BILL DEWAR, Jim Park, Craig Johnstone and Paul McDaniel.

Thursday 29th May at Betty Nicols, KIRKCALDY.
Comedians: JOHN GAVIN, Liam Withnail (MC), Obie, Iain Pollock and Joe McKeown.

Friday 30th May at The Star pub, BURNTISLAND.
PETE OTWAY, ADAM RUSHTON (MC), Bob Graham, Jonny Thomson, A to Z Improv, Thomas Black and Jeannie Jones.

Saturday 14th June (Leith Festival) at The Constitution Bar, LEITH.
GRAHAM MACKIE, VIV GEE, Jim Park, Ryan Dooley, Des O’Gorman and Chris Macarthur-Boyd.

Sunday 15th June (Leith Festival) at The Constitution Bar, LEITH.
BILLY KIRKWOOD in ‘Show me your Tattoo’.

Monday 16th June (Leith Festival) at The Constitution Bar, LEITH.
RICHARD PULSFORD in ‘Richard Pulsford is Going On’.
With Tony Sloan.

Tuesday 17th June (Leith Festival) at The Constitution Bar, LEITH.
RAYMOND MEARNS in ‘Rock n Roll Comedian – The Therapy Years’.

Wednesday 18th June (Leith Festival) at The Constitution Bar, LEITH.

Thursday 19th June (Leith Festival) at The Constitution Bar, LEITH.
STU WHO in ‘Gerritrightupye’. With Gary Meikle.

Saturday 21st June (Leith Festival) at The Constitution Bar, LEITH.
SUSAN MORRISON, BOB GRAHAM, Diane Stewart, Jane Walker, Thomas Black and Gen Cytko.

Saturday 28th June (Burntisland Civic Week) at The Young Hall.
BILLY KIRKWOOD in ‘Show Me Your Tattoo’, and A to Z Improv.

Thursday 24th July at Betty Nicols, KIRKCALDY.
Edinburgh Fringe preview show, with comedians:
JAMIE DALGLEISH, Obie, Richard Pulsford and Gary Meikle.

Friday 25th July at The Star, BURNTISLAND.
Fringe previews show, with Robin Grainger, Liam Withnail and Pat Mulholland.

Sunday 3rd August. AVD Festival Marquee, Silver Sands. Aberdour Festival.
Comedians: GARY DELANEY, CAIMH McDONNELL, Richard Pulsford and Diane Stewart.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival show:  ‘Richard Pulsford is Going On’.
1. PBH Free Fringe at Electric Circus, Market St from 11th to 15th August
2. PBH Free Fringe at George on the Bridge from 10th to 16th August
3. Scottish Comedy Festival at The Beehive Inn, Grassmarket on Wed 6th, Mon 11th, Wed 13th and Mon 18th August

Friday 26th September at The Star, Burntisland.
Comedians: JOHN GAVIN, BRUCE FUMMEY, Scot Laird, Ryan Dooley, Shannon Travers and Jazzy Devsi.

Thursday 2nd October at Betty Nicols, Kirkcaldy.
Comedians: JOJO SUTHERLAND, Christopher Macarthur-Boyd, Tony Sloan, Diane Stewart and Chris Stephen.

Tuesday 28th October. Curry and comedy at Annapurna’s, Kirkcaldy.
Comedians: STU WHO, Richard Pulsford, Marc Jennings, Ally Houston and Shannon Travers.

Thursday 30th October at Betty Nicols, Kirkcaldy.
Comedians: BRUCE FUMMEY, Bob Graham, Jonny Thomson, Michael Hollingworth and Adam Julians.

Friday 31st October at The Star, Burntisland.
Comedians: GRAHAM MACKIE, Rosco McSkeleton, Rik Carranza, Gary Faulds and Dermot Roche.

Saturday 8th November at the Beveridge Park Hotel, Kirkcaldy.
Curry and Comedy – Kirkcaldy Raith Rotary Club fundraiser.
Comedians: JOE HEENAN, Liam Withnail, Richard Pulsford, Craig Johnstone and Daisy Earl.

Thursday 13th November, at The Bruce Inn, High Street, Falkland.
Comedians: JOHN GAVIN, GRAHAM MACKIE, Richard Pulsford, Frazer Letham and Tony Sloan.

Saturday 15th November, at Kelty Hearts Social Club.
Comedians: GRAHAM MACKIE, ROB KANE, Richard Pulsford, Les Sinclair and Ross Leslie.

Tuesday 18th November. Thai/Chinese and Comedy at Annapurna’s Thai and Chinese, High Street, Kirkcaldy.
Comedians: ROB COLEMAN, JOHN GAVIN, Richard Hunter, Scot Laird and Gaye Jones.

Saturday 22nd November. Curry and Comedy at Leven Golfing Society.
Comedians: JAY HANDLEY, Daniel Downie, Graham Barrie, Richard Pulsford, Scot Laird and Tony Sloan.

Thursday 27th November at Betty Nicols, Kirkcaldy.
Comedians: BILLY KIRKWOOD, Gus Lymburn, Daniel Lindsay, Daniel Webster and John Millar.

Friday 28th November at The Star, Burntisland.
Comedians: PHIL DIFFER, Steven Davidson, Jonny Seaton, Iain Pollock, Pete Gwynne and Jeannie Jones.

Sunday 28th December at The Star, Burntisland.
Comedians: NEIL McFARLANE, Owen McGuire, Scot Laird, Christopher Macarthur-Boyd, Scot Laird, Adam Julians.

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