2010 Edinburgh Fringe

Mirth of Forth Comedy’s gigs at The Free Fringe were in The White Horse pub on the Royal Mile (venue 296) in Edinburgh. Shows ran every day from 7th to 21st August, starting at 12:30pm (in the afternoon). The line-ups were:-

Saturday 7th August – Ben Crellin, Jim Park, Papa CJ and MC Gus Lymburn.

Sunday 8th August – Kai Humphries, Chris Scoular, Steven Halcrow and MC Tony Jameson.

Monday 9th August – Vladimir McTavish, Tommy Mackay, Niall Browne with MC Richard Pulsford.

Tuesday 10th August – Andrew Ryan, Mike Newall, Caroline Robertson, Murdo and John Burns, with MC Richard Pulsford.

Wednesday 11th August – John O’Brien (Obie), Richard Pulsford and Lucy Oldham, with MC Gus Lymburn.

Thursday 12th August – Richard Gadd, Will Setchell and Lucy Oldham, with MC Ben Verth.

Friday 13th August – Matthew Winning, Phil O’Shea, Les Sinclair and Rod Hunter, with MC Richard Pulsford.

Saturday 14th August – Daniel Huntley, Richard Gadd, Ben Crellin and Richard Pulsford, with MC Gus Lymburn.

Sunday 15th August – Keir McAllister, Matthew Winning, Phil O’Shea and Laura Lexx, with stand-in MC Richard Pulsford.

Monday 16th August – Jim Park, Tommy Mackay, Paul Glasswell and Rik Carranza, with MC Tony Jameson.

Tuesday 17th August – Teddy, Ed Patrick, Daniel Webster and Andrew Todd, with MC Richard Pulsford.

Wednesday 18th August – Ed Patrick, Stuart Mitchell, James Kirk and Rik Carranza, with MC Phil Buckley.

Thursday 19th August – Matt Richardson, Richard Pulsford, James Kirk and Lucy Oldham, with MC Laura Lexx.

Friday 20th August – Andrew Ryan, David Kelly, Alex Marion and John Burns, with Tony Jameson as MC.

Saturday 21st August – Vladimir McTavish, Richard Pulsford and John Burns, with Will Setchell as MC.

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