What the comics say

Comedians love to play Mirth of Forth gigs. They know things will be set up well for comedy, they’ll be looked after, and the audiences appreciate what they’re getting. All in all, a brilliant combination for successful and enjoyable events!

GARY DELANEY wrote: “Mirth of Forth were thoroughly professional and a pleasure to deal with, all the way from the initial query, to the well run gig itself” (August 2014).

And the following quotes are all unsolicited and taken from social media postings, and reflect the high regard with which our gigs are held…

“What a fantastic night. Vladimir McTavish opened a fantastic show in style, beautifully compered by the gorgeously funny Jay Lafferty. Graham Stewart was his usual hilarious self, Keir McAllister was absolutely exceptional tonight. Best I’ve seen from him and we’ll worth going to see. Finally Eddy Brimson was just the perfect headliner to finish off a bloody fantastic night. A superb crowd in a quirky little town. Thanks again. A pleasure to gig with you all. Also thank you to the ladies on the middle table who filled my Paris goblet with prosecco three times. Much appreciated. Happy Carina.” (17/06/17)

“What a great wee night that turned out to be. Rich has established an excellent night in a small pub that is rammed to the roof by 7.30 and starting at 8.00 …. that’s the recipe for the start of a perfect gig in my book … Highly recommend this wee gig to any “established” act who wants to “road-test” new stuff, as I was doing … an intelligent, if raucous, crowd, who are right up for it.” (09/03/13)

“Burntisland last night = FANTASTIC!! Was like The Wicker Man with jokes. If you’re a comedian and you get offered that gig – take it. ” (30/01/10)

“Absolutely fantastic gig… well done Richard and everyone else involved. Despite the high wind trying to get the tent airborne, definitely one of the best gigs I’ve had this year.  Top Mc-ing from Mikey Adams, plus brilliant sets from Bruce Fummey, Richard Gadd, Matt Winning and Richard Pulsford himself. Top afternoon !! Definitely, brilliant gig, really well organised… A joy to play !!” (04/07/10)

“…was absolutely brilliant, great crowd, loved it… the folk there genuinely had a ball” (26/04/14)

“I’ve opened a few gigs now and this was my fav to date, lovely crowd who were right up for the laugh from the word go. Defo love to come back later in year well done Richard its a mint, cozy and friendly wee set up :)” (07/01/14)

“Lovely gig : )” (02/01/14)

“Always enjoyable gigs… the hen party was awesome” (01/01/14)

“Gloriously random, hilarious gig at The Star Bar, Burntisland tonight. Outstanding…!” (08/10/12)

“Cracking gig last night at The Star. Great crowd, intimate venue, well-run night, top-notch acts.” (30/10/11)

“What a lovely gig this was. It was a pleasure to perform at such a well run gig with such an appreciative audience. Also a pleasure to see brilliant performances by Jamie Dalgleish, Scott Gibson, Eleanor Morton, Patrick Rolink and Bruce Morton. I hope the people of Burntisland realise how lucky they are to get such a line up.” (02/10/11)

“Had a great time doing this gig this afternoon. Everyone stormed it. Nice outside area that was packed with punters who really appreciated the comedy. Rich did a great job getting them all in and making sure things ran smoothly.  I’d highly recommend this gig.” (04/07/10)