So what’s next?!

Well we’ve managed to produce 3 videocasts over the summer as we took part in 3 different online festivals, with the Buxton, Reading and Ludlow Fringe Festivals (see the Past Events page for links to these). But there is nothing remaining in the diary for 2020. Things are of course still very much up in the air in terms of what’s possible to organise, or even on a knife-edge in terms of the survival of some venues, so it’s unlikely much else will happen in 2020.

However we still have shows already booked in for 2021, predicated on the assumption that things will be more back to normal or at least we will be able to run shows again in viable settings.

So we look forward to taking part in the Brighton Fringe in May 2021 and in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2021 and very much hope to be filling in the diary with other events in the not too distant future. Watch this space and keep your fingers crossed for the survival of as much live comedy as possible beyond the Covid-19 crisis.

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